We have at our disposition a dermatoscope and video-dermatoscope, which allow us to evaluated moles and qualify them for removal. We use a so-named ABCD dermatoscope, which allows us to determine the following:

A - asymmetry,
B - border,
C - color,
D - diameter and distringuishing characteristics

Each of the abovementioned characteristics is scored, and calculations allow us to determine the Total Dermatoscopic Score. A TDS value of 4.75-5.45 is an indicator for prophylactic removal of the mole, while a TDS value of over 5.45 often indicates a malignant color change that requires surgical resection of the mole.

Particularly affected person include those with the so-called atypical mole syndrome, characterized by tens or more moles, of which at least one mole is over 8mm in diameter, and at least one mole has atypical characteristics (according to ABCD, above).

The procedure is performed with maintenace of sterility as in oncologic procedures and the wound is stitched (if necessary) and dressed for good cosmetic effect. All excised moles are examined hisptopathologically.


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